“Best Doctor in New York” Means One of the Best in the World

It takes a lot of happy patients to get ranked as a “best doctor in NY”. Not only are their millions of people living in New York, but there are thousands of doctors.The competition is undeniably fierce, so when a doctor does happen to rise above the lack and get ranked then you can guarantee that you are receiving some of the world’s best medical attention.Being the best doctor in New York in your category requires not only that the physician is qualified and able to treat illnesses with a high rate of effectiveness, but also implies that he or she has the ability to meet the patient’s emotional needs, as well.

Doctors are more than just someone who can alleviate the symptoms of an illness, virus, or disease, but also someone who heals.Healing is not the treatment of a disease or alleviation of symptoms.It is an approach to meeting the mental, physical, and sometimes spiritual needs of a patient.It is a contract between the doctor and the patient to partner together on the path to wellness. Dr. Marina Gafanovich takes seriously her role as a physician and works together with each and every patient to create a treatment plan that not only meets their physical needs, but works in conjunction with their mental and emotional state, as well as, any spiritual or religious beliefs they may have that might limit the types of care provided to them.She educates her patients in their options, but allows them to make the final decision in their treatment program.

It is her respect for each patient’s own healing abilities and her compassion that has compelled her patients to vote for her as a “best doctor in New York.”

Dr. Gafanovich is ranked on multiple opinion sites as a #1 ranked New York internist.She believes that this is more than just a benchmark of her success in treating chronic illnesses such as asthma or diabetes, but also her genuine regard for each and every patient that walks through the door.

Top Rated NYC Physician

As your New York doctor, Dr. Gafanovich will walk an extra mile to provide high-quality medical service you deserve. Entrust your health to one of the leading Internists in Upper East Side.

Everyone is treated with compassion and respect—not just from Dr. Gafanovich, but also her entire staff.Everyone is greeted warmly as they walk through the doors, no one is left to suffer for hours rereading old magazines in the waiting room—patients are taken to examining rooms within 10-15 minutes of arrival, and all patients are given whatever assistance is required.To be one of the best doctors in New York you have to be able to treat patients with a high level of effectiveness, deliver results, provide for comfort of patients, be compassionate, and also place respect and human dignity above all else.

Dr. Gafanovich’s commitment to an integrated humanist approach to medicine has made her a “best doctor in New York”.