The very best New York doctors all understand that the key to a patient’s recovery and overall robustness of health…

…lies in his or her commitment to the treatment or wellness plan.

Each human has within himself the ability to self-heal.This ability is all too often ignored by the bad practice of treating symptoms with a pharmacological answer and leaving the cause of the problem untouched or unresolved.The best New York doctors understand that the diabetic needs more than insulin and a lecture on diet.He or she needs to “buy in” to a wellness program.This takes a commitment on the part of both doctor and patient to resolve any objections and overcome lifestyle obstacles.This does not happen in a perfunctory 5-10 minute doctor visit.It happens with doctors and patients are partners in the fight for better health.

Dr. Marina Gafanovich has been ranked on many opinion sites like Avvo as being a #1 rated internist in New York.She has accomplished this by a consistent, forthright approach to patient partnership and advocacy.Her patients know that they are more than just a number to her, they are a person with feelings, concerns, and beliefs.They know that she respects them, and in return they respect her opinions and instructions for treatment, care, and overall health improvement.It is her commitment to a humanist approach to medicine that has made Dr. Gafanovich one of the best New York doctors according to patient opinion polls.

This support has not gone unnoticed by Dr. Gafanovich or the staff in her practice.It affirms what they already believed—that people respond to respect, compassion, and education.This is why every patient is greeted warmly, never forced to wait longer than 10-15 minutes to see the doctor, and why each patient is treated with as much understanding as possible.

Everyone in the internal medicine practice knows that to be considered one of the best New York doctors is a huge honor and they do not dismiss their part in the process.

As you walk into the Upper East Side practice you will be greeted with a smile and assisted as much as possible in preparation and pre-evaluation procedures.

Top Rated NYC Physician

As your New York doctor, Dr. Gafanovich will walk an extra mile to provide high-quality medical service you deserve. Entrust your health to one of the leading Internists in Upper East Side.

Dr. Gafanovich provides each and every patient with the education they need to make an informed decision about their health, and the support they require should they wish an alternative approach to a medical issue or problem.It is an act of faith, on her part, the belief that individuals have the intuition and healing powers within themselves to create a healthy and long life.

Through support of her patient’s ideas and personal practices, she has grown in popularity and respect and is considered by her internal medicine as one of the very best New York doctors.