Chest X-Ray in NYC

Upper East Side physician, Marina Gafanovich Endorses Chest Radiograph…

…as a Safe and Practical Method of Screening for Disease or Illness


As an internist in New York, Dr. Gafanovich frequently uses chest radiographs as part of her screening process for illness or disease. She fully endorses the use of this equipment, verifying its safety and efficacy. Chest radiographs, or Chest X-rays, are performed within the office using state of the art X-ray equipment purchased by Dr. Gafanovich.


We have high quality standards and all of our equipment undergoes routine evaluation and maintenance in order to provide you the safest X-ray services in Manhattan. Chest X-rays are used to diagnose conditions that can occur within or affect the chest, contained within the chest, or nearby structures. An X-ray may be ordered in the event of injury or illness. Often doctors will order a chest X-ray to screen for an illness such as pneumonia or disease such as congestive heart failure.


Manhattan physician, Dr. Gafanovich will use chest radiographs to screen for injury or illness.


If she should find something that could be of concern further imaging may be ordered. Contact our office (212) 249-6218 to schedule your appointment today.