Manhattan Physician Dr. Gafanovich Specializes in Internal Medicine in New York’s Upper East Side

Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD

1550 York Ave

New York, NY 10028
United States

(212) 249-6218

Mon-Fri 9-5

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Dr. Gafanovich takes great pride in her internal medicine practice and the services it can offer in-house. The practice is fully-equipped with sophisticated diagnostic medical equipment that exemplifies the best in medical technologies and innovations in care. The ability to quickly ascertain and diagnose a problem is vital in a doctor’s ability to treat, control, and assist in the patient’s own healing process.

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Our devoted, multi-lingual staff was hand-picked to provide equal access and treatment for all patients who walk through our doors. And speaking of our doors, we guarantee that you will not wait for longer than 10 minutes once you’ve walked into our waiting room.

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