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…as Part of a Routine Physical Exam or by Request

It is a good idea to have routine hearing tests because in many cases, patients are not diagnosed with hearing loss till its quite late. This can have a negative impact on their social skills as well as their self-confidence. Hearing loss, if detected early, can ensure the patient gets the right help and the support they need. Hearing Treatment strategies are likely to be more effective if any hearing problems are detected at an early stage.

Hearing tests can be performed in our NY doctor’s offices as part of a physical exam, or by request.  Hearing tests are very important tests because they oftentimes catch problems that could lead to misdiagnosis in other areas.  For example, there have been studies that found many Alzheimer’s tests were faulty assessments due to the patient’s being unable to hear the questions being asked of them correctly.  In the school systems, students have been incorrectly “typed” because of poor hearing.

We use pure tone audiometry tests to evaluate the sounds traveling through the ear canal.

The pure tone audiometry test is conducted to determine the presence or absence of hearing loss. The test enables the healthcare provider to gauge the type and degree of hearing loss in the patient. The procedure is very simple. The patient is seated in a soundproof room with either headphones on or with earphones inserted in their ears. A bone conduction headband is put on the patient’s head. The audiologist sits outside the sound both and conducts the test. First, the patient is tested to see if they can hear a variety of pitches and second, the patient is tested for both air conduction and bone conduction.

New York physician, Dr. Gafanovich may use other diagnostics, such as speech or word reception tests, as well as, whisper tests in the evaluation process.

If further testing is required, she can also provide a physician’s referral to a hearing specialist.

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