Internal Medicine, New York Physician Marina Gafanovich Wants You to Reinvent Your Concept of Health!

Dr. Gafanovich’s practice of Internal Medicine in New York is one that is dedicated to an individual’s potential for self-healing.Her approach to the practice of internal medicine New York takes into consideration “conventional” medicine, complementary practices, and traditional doctor-patient relationships that inspired the respect for the practice of medicine as a compassionate occupation, rather than one that is driven by expediency and money.Treating symptoms of a disease or illness and inspiring healing are two different things entirely.Many of the ailments that internists see each day have both a nutritional and genetic component associated with them.The diabetic that needs insulin also benefits from a diet and nutrition program.The heart patient who requires warfarin also can improve his heart and circulatory system by changing how he or she eats and their other habits.All patients respond to positive thoughts, laughter, and encouragement.

By promoting a concept of well-ness among patients, practitioners of internal medicine in New York have better results with patient progress and their overall health.

Internal medicine is a varied practice area for physicians.It is the medical specialty that targets prevention, diagnosis, and the treatment of disease.As this practice area is so encompassing and deals with prevention, many internists are primary care physicians.Subspecialities of internal medicine include everything from cardiology to nephrology to pulmonology to even sports medicine!Physicians practicing in internal medicine therefore must find a different approach to health and wellness aside from the treatment of symptoms.They must get to know their patients on a one-on-one basis and work to promote health, over treatment.

Dr Gafanovich believes in an integrated, humanist approach to the practice of medicine.This is more than just her tagline; this is her theory of practice.Each patient is treated.Not their illness, not their symptoms, but the patient himself.By treating the patient you can not only treat his or her symptoms or illness, but you can also prevent future health issues through the promotion of wellness techniques and lifestyle changes.

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As your New York doctor, Dr. Gafanovich will walk an extra mile to provide high-quality medical service you deserve. Entrust your health to one of the leading Internists in Upper East Side.

It is a great responsibility to provide health care services, one that Dr. Gafanovich takes very seriously.She understands the value in healthy, positive living and its impact on total health and wellness.

Her faith in the human body to heal, her belief in compassionate and responsible health care practices, and patient education has made her a top practitioner of Internal Medicine in New York.