Manhattan Physician Dr. Marina Gafanovich Wants You to Get a Physical Exam

All Manhattan physicians see a great many patients in their practice due to the population and size of the city. All too often the overwhelming numbers of patients make many Manhattan physicians feel as though they need to create a patient assembly line to see them all. Patients are put through a revolving door of symptom treatment.While Dr. Gafanovich is no stranger to having a large physician’s practice she still feels that doctor-patient partnership is the key to disease prevention and therefore encourages all new and existing patients to schedule routine physical exams so that she has a benchmark on their health, and can better treat their illnesses and diseases throughout the rest of the year.

Physical exams are a Manhattan physician’s best tool for deciphering the complexities of an individual human’s body system.

Not only does it allow you the physician to have a general overview of all the body systems, but it gives the doctor time to speak with the patient and better get to know their lifestyle, beliefs, and personality—this is very important to building trust and a better plan of treatment should any health crisis arise.

Disease prevention is better than disease treatment.Routine physical exams enable physicians to catch problems before they get out of hand and to monitor chronic conditions before their symptoms overwhelm the patient.This is why more and more insurance companies are not only willing to pay for physical exams but promoting them.Any Manhattan physician worth their merit will not only endorse but encourage routine physical exams for this reason.

As an internist, Dr. Gafanovich feels that routine physical exams are of primary importance in the overall care of patients.They enable her to have a touch point with her patients, as well as, monitor health issues and look for signs of potential health issues that may affect her patients in the future.She uses that time during the exam to get to know her patients and better understand their own attitudes regarding health, medical treatment, and their concerns.Understanding how a patient feels about themselves and their health options is important in creating a strategy for wellness, as well as, gaining critical buy-in that is needed for any treatment plan.

She feels that this time spent with her patients is vastly important and beneficial to her being able to perform optimally in her job as a Manhattan physician.