New York Doctor Marina Gafanovich Wants You to Get Your Flu Shot

New York doctors are well aware of the start of the upcoming flu season, and are urging their patients to come in for their flu shots.The 2011 flu season is expected to be a rough one.This year’s seasonal flu shot will protect against two forms of influenza A, including H1N1, and one form of influenza B.These strains were selected by the FDA for inclusion in the Northern Hemisphere vaccine.The Centers for Disease control highly recommends that everyone from the age of 6 months and up should receive yearly flu vaccinations, the only conditions being the state of the individual’s health and immune system. Your New York doctor can determine if you are eligible for a flu vaccination at your appointment.

New York doctor, Dr. Marina Gafanovich wants all of her patients to know—especially the youngest—that flu vaccinations don’t have to hurt.

Intranasal vaccinations can be used to inoculate you against the flu, so there is no excuse to protect yourself.The flu virus manifests itself differently in every patient.Some patients will have a milder set of symptoms that they are able to pass after a few days, and with others it can settle into a deadly pneumonic infection.The variance in symptoms is why so many New York doctors have a difficulty in talking many of their patients into receiving the vaccine.All too often, patients believe that they won’t have the same response as those patients in the ER, or that they “never get the flu”. Dr. Gafanovich wants everyone to understand that this is a seasonal flu protection against a virus with a high potential to cause serious respiratory infection.It is that “ounce of prevention” that is worth a “pound of cure”.

The seasonal flu New York vaccination has only incidental adverse events associated with the vaccine and this is usually in response to cases of immune-compromised systems.Dr. Gafanovich does an assessment of every patient and would not suggest or offer to inoculate any patient who would not benefit from this vaccine.It is her belief that preparing for events such as the flu season is no different than eating a healthy diet to prevent heart problems or obesity.Her approach to medicine is one wherein the patient is informed and educated on all major medical and wellness decisions, so that they may make the right choices for their future health.She believes in an integrated humanist approach to patient care.Treat the patient, not the symptoms.

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By educating the patient prior to something like cold and flu season of their options for disease and viral preventions, she is doing her job as your New York doctor.