NYC Doctor Marina Gafanovich is part of a growing movement in physicians towards total wellness and individualized care.

Prior to the growth of the health insurance industry and “Doc-in-a-Box” clinics, individualized care and attention was par for the course of being a physician.Many NYC doctor practices grew exponentially by double and triple-booking appointments, and the results was a loss in quality care and disease prevention.Patients were forced to wait hours to see their physician and when they were finally ushered in, they were rushed in and out without enough time to really create a health program that would meet their specific needs. Physicians like Dr. Gafanovich who treat patients as opposed to diseases, are beginning to gain ground once more in the city of New York.

The humanist, integrated approach to healthcare works.Patients are happier, healthier, and more in charge of their own wellness plans.

If your NYC doctor does not support your personal health goals or theories and approaches to your personal health management then you should look for a physician who does.

Dr. Gafanovich believes firmly in every human’s self-healing abilities, and works with each and every patient to define goals, set expectations, and deliver a health care plan that works for their beliefs and lifestyles.This has been an important part of her practice and why her patients consider her a #1 New York internist.There are no rigid approaches to health care for Dr. Gafanovich.She does not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach to internal medicine.If you are a diabetic who wants to do more to self-regulate, she will assist you in your diet and nutrition goals.

Because of the reputation associated with being a NYC doctor, all New York physicians strive to be the best of the best.Some succeed better than others because their approach harkens back to the original model of the Hippocratic oath—do no harm, do only good, care for people as though they were your brothers and sisters, and to act ethically and honorably.While there are many wonderful physicians and surgeons working in the city of New York, not all of them practice compassionate medicine.There is a sense from many physicians (perhaps because of emotional self-preservation) to remain “detached” and clinical.

Top Rated NYC Physician

As your New York doctor, Dr. Gafanovich will walk an extra mile to provide high-quality medical service you deserve. Entrust your health to one of the leading Internists in Upper East Side.

NYC doctors like Marina Gafanovich believes it is the connection and compassion that enables her to practice medicine to the best of her abilities.

To those who subscribe to the integrated, humanist approach to medicine it is in the partnership of doctor and patient that true healing happens.And it all begins with basic respect…

At Dr. Gafanovich’s practice you will never wait more than ten minutes to be ushered to a an examining room, you will never be prescribed any medicine or technique that you do not agree with, you will have all the time you need to ask questions, you will be educated, and you will always receive compassion and understanding from your doctor.