Most NYC Physicians see an average of 25-35 patients in an 8 hour day (including lunch break).That totals to approximately 6 patients an hour, or 1 patient every 10 minutes.Should more than one patient take up over 10 minutes of the physician’s time, backup can occur.This is why most waiting rooms in my NYC physician’s practices are overflowing.There are both monetary and practical reasons why physicians are willing to commit to so many patients in a single day, but it begs the question: how is an individual’s health truly being served by having only 10 minutes of a physician’s time?Typically, people go to doctors when they don’t feel well.If a patient has a chest cold, yes, they could be in and out with their prescription of antibiotics in ten minutes or less.What if, however, the symptoms are related to something chronic or more serious?Can this be found out in ten minutes or less?

NYC physicians must be able to discern what is wrong with a patient as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dr. Gafanovich is an internist, meaning that her practice area encompasses everything from diabetes to sports medicine.In order to keep track of her patients and serve them with the respect, dignity, compassion, and skill they deserve she applies several different approaches to her practice area.Disease prevention is key to her ability to successfully practice internal medicine and remain each year as a number 1 rated New York Internal Medicine provider.Through a combination of physical exams, wellness promotion, and other preventive techniques she raises the bar on patient health so that when an illness or disease should arise the patient’s internal healing mechanisms are optimized and able to either fight off or assist the medicines and procedures in “doing their job”.

She believes it is her duty as a NYC physician to do more than write a prescription for pharmaceuticals.She believes that she must provide healing in whatever terms the patient can accept.This means, being in an active partnership with all of her patients.Understanding their needs, concerns, and lifestyles is a large part of treating patients.Trust, compassion, and value for human dignity are equally important.No physician can treat a patient without trust, and no patient can prevent disease alone.

Top Rated NYC Physician

As your New York doctor, Dr. Gafanovich will walk an extra mile to provide high-quality medical service you deserve. Entrust your health to one of the leading Internists in Upper East Side.

Dr. Gafanovich wants to be her patient’s best advocate, not just their NYC physician.