Physicians in New York Routinely Perform PPD Tests

Electrocardiogram testsMost NYC doctors like Dr. Gafanovich will administer PPD tests, otherwise known as Purified Protein Derivative tests or the “Mantoux Screening Test”, to their patients during routine physical exams.  They can also be performed on demand.

PPD tests can be performed right here in our offices.  This test is better known as a “Tuberculosis test”.  It is a skin test wherein an intradermal injection of SSI tuberculin is performed on a patient, with the results of the test “read” 48-72 hours later. Guidelines recommend the Mantoux test should be administered by injection a 0.1 mL volume containing 5 TU (tuberculin units) PPD into the top layers of skin of the forearm. Results are interpreted to determining the presence or absence and the amount of localized swelling on the skin. It is important to keep in mind that a negative test does not always mean the patient is free of tuberculosis. In addition, those who have received a BCG vaccine may sometimes have a positive skin reaction to this test.

Tuberculosis Tests in New York

Anyone exposed to the bacteria should mount an immune response to the area of skin affected.  The size of the response will be measured in “mm” reactions.  A positive result indicates TB exposure.  Note, exposure does not mean that the individual has contracted TB, nor are all “positive” reactions an indication of TB, therefore the results of the test should be discussed with Dr. Gafanovich.  Low risk individuals can have false positives to the PPD test.

The TB test is important because TB may occur as a latent or active form. Diagnosis of active TB is dependent on the culture of mycobacteria. All too often, patients “diagnose” themselves, causing undue worry, so please allow Manhattan Internist, Dr. Gafanovich to gauge the results of the test and initiate any TB discussions with you. The TB test can be given to anyone including infants, pregnant women or people infected with HIV. The test is only contraindicated in people who have previously had a severe reaction to the tuberculin skin test.

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