Manhattan doctor, Dr. Marina Gafanovich Works with Employers to Conduct Pre-Employment Screenings

preemploymentPre-employment medical exams are conducted to comply with certain medical requirements of a government or trade agency or an organization and to determine the health risks for individuals in safety sensitive jobs. Most pre-employment medical exams include a physician assessment, an EKG in certain cases (and in certain age groups), blood work, urinalysis, vision screening and in some cases drug and alcohol screening. Once such an evaluation is done, the employee receives a clearance certificate, a copy of which is also sent to the employer.

The goal of a pre-employment medical examination is to place and maintain employees in an occupational setting that is suitable to their physiological and psychological capacities. This is essential to ensure a particular individual is fit for the job in question.

Your New York Doctor, Dr. Marina Gafanovich, can tell you that Pre-Employment Health Screening is becoming more prevalent for businesses operating in New York. Companies are attempting to mitigate the risk of recruiting employees who are not suitable for their potential job role due to health concerns. Whereas traditionally this practice was utilized for companies that hired individuals for physical labor, most companies are moving to some form of pre-employment health screening for potential employees.Employers have a statutory obligation under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations codices to ensure that an employee is “fit” to carry out the roles and responsibilities of his or her job prior to employment.

Naturally, employers must also comply with federal ADA guidelines mandated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and other legislation that protects the disadvantaged from discriminatory hiring practices.

NYC physician Marina Gafanovich appreciates the opportunity to provide this very important service to employers and their prospective employees.

Dr. Gafanovich has performed over a thousand pre-employment medical screening exams for a variety of contractors and sub-contractors.

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