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Dr. Gafanovich recommends regular STD testing for sexually active adults. Untreated sexually transmitted diseases may lead to consequences such as infertility or even death. Given New York’s high rate of STDs it makes sense to have testing performed between one to two times a year. These tests can be performed as part of an annual physical or on a walk-in basis.

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STD Symptoms and Diagnosis

With new antibiotic resistant strains of sexually transmitted diseases being identified each year, there is more opportunity to catch a life-threatening virus than ten years ago. And with estimates as high as one in four college students having an STD it becomes ever more important for individuals in at-risk groups to get tested. Remember, most sexually transmitted diseases have virtually no symptoms until late-stages of the disease progression.

Many STDs—in fact the most life-threatening diseases in this category are sometimes asymptomatic in their onset. It isn’t until much later that symptoms appear and at that point you may have already had damaging effects upon your reproductive health, liver, or immune system.

Some STDs such as syphilis or gonorrhea have no symptoms at early onset, but will produce visible and physical symptoms as the disease progresses. Certain STDs such as Herpes or Genital Warts/HPV have visible symptoms that appear intermittently. If you have experienced symptoms such as:

– abnormal vaginal flow or fluid discoloration
– burning sensation while urinating
– white, green or yellow discharge from the penis
– itching in the testicle region
– pain or swelling of the testicles
– warts or open sores on the genitalia
– auto-immune difficulties

it is likely that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease that requires immediate treatment. Our office performs testing for all major sexually transmitted diseases and is also capable of rapid HIV testing.

New York STD Test

Rapid New York City Testing For STDs: A Protective measure and a piece of mind


Oral contraceptives do not prevent STDs and condoms only reduce your chances of most STD transmission. So know your status before engaging in sex with a new partner.

Should you have contracted a virus, Dr. Gafanovich can either administer antibiotics, provide you with an appropriate referral, and work with you as your Manhattan primary care physician to monitor the effects of chronic STDs such as HIV or Hepatitis.

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