Dr. Gafanovich administers not only medical professional advice, she also has sincere interest and respect for her patients. My husband and I are her patients and she brings not just wisdom to her practice but also genuine sensitivity. The Lab Technician is a very caring and kind person. The office staff is congenial and helpful when booking appointments. The cleanliness and short wait time is truly appreciated. With Heartfelt Gratitude.

Diane Blanchard

New York, New York

Dr. Gafanovich is a compassionate, brillant and very pleasant professional. great experience. not like others. dr. Gafanovich came highly recommended by my entire firm and lived up to her reputation. I have since recommended her to friends. The office is very clean and professional. There is absolutely no sense of sickness or negativity amongst the other people in the waiting room and the office. Thank you Doctor.

Peter L. Shulder

Dr. Gafanovich is a superb doctor. When I fell seriously and somewhat mysteriously ill, she saved my life: she immediately diagnosed the illness, successfully fought with my initially recalcitrant insurance company to get a test to confirm the diagnosis, and coordinated the post-op care. In every less urgent medical task she has been an absolutely splendid physician. She explains every situation fully and clearly, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Fredric Smoler

N.Y., NY

Dr.Gafanovich is the best. She is so warm and wonderful. She really takes the time to speak to her patients and is very detailed in her explanations. She makes the examination very comfortable by talking through the entire procedure and explains what she is doing. Thank you.

Liza Mortinerelli

Dr.Gafanovich is very professional, compassionate, and up-to-date on the latest medical procedures. She is an excellent listener, and very good at explaining diagnoses and medical procedures in everyday language. After each office visit, I walk out of the office feeling reassured and confident that I had the best medical care and advice. I would highly recommend Dr. Gafanovich. Dr. Gafanovich - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgette West

New York, NY

I am a physician specializing in Oncology and Hematology. I entrust my whole family into the care of Dr. Marina Gafanovich. She has a very astute intuition as well as knowledge base. We are very lucky for having met her. She treats many families of physicians, and that is a big testement to her skills. She also treats every patient as an individual, as if they were her family and that takes away the stress often associated with having to see the doctor.

Dr Karen Wilson


I feel extremely fortunate to have a doctor who understands how to treat the entire person: body, spirit, and mind. She is knows the latest science and has an incredible network of physicians who are known specialists in their fields.


I have been lucky to know Dr. Gafanovich for years. She is my family doctor now. She is knowledgeable, attentive and readily available. She is always eager to help, and a great pleasure to deal with.

Elina Shkodnik

I have worked in healthcare for roughly 7 years and physicians like Dr. Gafanovich are few and far between. She excels in both diagnostics and treatment and never rushes through an appointment. She is kind and compassionate and sets the bar for how medicine should be practiced. Her office staff and MA are professional and friendly as well. I highly recommend Dr. Gafanovich.

Lauren Coughlin

Hoboken, NJ

I went to see Dr. Gafanovich for a routine physical. The girls at the desk were very nice and my wait time was short. Dr. Gafanovich was kind and knowledgeable. I also had blood work done and was impressed with how quickly I received the results and how thoroughly Dr. Gafanovich explained the results to me. I have recommended her to all of my friends. So nice to finally find a doctor with a personal touch. Thank you!

Cindy Gooden

Our doctor for the past five years has been Dr. Gafanovich. She has impressed us with her knowledge, experience, compassion, and concern for our well-being, pains, and discomfort. Her diagnoses have been accurate, and she has provided impeccable advice and treatment. With careful diagnosis and quick judgement, she helped me and my husband identify potential health problems. Her persistence in finding the cause of the problems and advising us to seek immediate help from specialists in the field has led us away from more serious outcomes. For this, we are grateful.

Laura and Chun Tien

Marina Gafanovich cares about her patients. I feel lucky that she is my doctor. I have complete trust and faith in her.

Ann Tingle

New York, NY

Professional, Caring, Smart, Accessible. Everyone needs a piece of her time. THANK YOU!!!

Diana McKidd

Very satisfied with the care given to me by Dr. Gafanowich. She was very detailed and explained everything to me. Her diagnosis frightened me but Dr. Gafanovich calmed my fears and, with me, developed a treatment plan that was right for me. I feel confident that I am on the right path to recovery. The network of specialists that she uses are great too. Great and professional staff too. Thank you for your patience, courtesy, and respect.

Dara Allen

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Gafanovich. She has saved the life of my husband twice. The first occasion was when she diagnosed a circulation problem and referred him to a top heart specialist affiliated with Weill-Cornell. Turns out his widow artery was almost totally blocked and a stent was inserted. On the second occasion, Dr. Gafanovich, answered her cell phone at 7:30 pm - while on vacation in Aruba - and diagnosed via the phone, that my husband was bleeding internally and sent us directly to the hospital. In addition to her medical expertise and diagnostic abilities, Dr. Gafanovich listens to what her patients have to say -- a crucial skill. She worked with me regarding my high cholesterol and did not immediately raise my medication dosage. She gave me the opportunity via excerise and diet to try on my own. She is a wonderful doctor!

Joyce and Mike Stelmack

Bronx, NY

We have been under the care of Dr. Gafanovich since she arrived at her New York Office on the Upper East Side in 2008. We consider ourselves very fortunate. Dr. Gafanovich is caring, compassionate, and friendly. She has a way of explaining her diagnoses in very simple language, which puts us very much at ease. When we had a crisis, she promptly gave us her mobile telephone number and asked us to call day or night if we needed her. I have recommended her to many friends. Thank you!!

Suhasini Joseph

New York, New York

Yes, Dr. Gafanovich is brilliant. She is very professional, yet very warm and caring. She SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I had my annual physical exam and - being that she routinely takes a chest xray - she caught my lung cancer VERY early. I had surgery and now I am fine , thank God! I also like the fact I never have to wait too long to be seen. Dr. Gafanovich never rushes through an exam and takes all the time I need to explain EVERYTHING in detail. She is a gem.

Sara F. Weinberg

Brooklyn, NY