Tests for Influenza A & B in New York

Manhattan doctors Recommend Rapid Testing for the Flu if You Show Signs or Symptoms of the Virus.

Our NYC physician’s office can perform the CDC-recommended rapid testing for influenza A and B.  Flu tests are easier now than ever before.  We use recommended flu testing kits that require nasal swabbing.  Test results can be identified within 15-20 minutes (for rapid testing) and within a day for more conventional testing using these great diagnostic tools.


As any Upper East Side doctor can tell you, flu tests can be a very important part of diagnosis and treatment because flu symptoms can mimic other illnesses from time to time.


Misdiagnosis can be deadly which is why it is important to discern what illness needs to be treated. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, it is important to have the test taken within 48 hours of their onset in order to diagnose issues and begin to immediately monitor and assist patients who have been stricken with the flu.

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