NYC Travel doctorOur NYC Travel Clinic is open weekdays to provide travel vaccines for those international travelers who may not be immunized fully for traveling abroad. Vaccines are required by many nations prior to entry, therefore if you’re planning to travel abroad we would be more than happy to advise as to which vaccinations are required for the country or countries you will be visiting and then make an appointment right away to see your physician.

Please note that some rare vaccines (Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever etc.) are not available, we would be more that happy to refer you to a center that specializes in these types of travel vaccinations.

There are countries and geographical areas endemic to serious diseases. Many of the diseases you could contract abroad, rotavirus for example, are not a problem here in the US, but are considered deadly in other parts of the world. These travel requirements are there for your protection, as well as, the citizens of the nations you will be visiting. Travel shots in NYC are not always as easy to come by in a timely manner. Going to your Dr Gafanovich’s clinic for your travel shots in NYC months before your departure can reduce the risks for travelers contracting an illness overseas. However, if you are in an emergency situation (sick or injured relative, death in the family, etc.) or must quickly receive (for business travel) a vaccination in NYC then make an appointment at Dr. Gafanovich’s clinic and request expedited travel shots in NYC.

Dr Gafanovich will evaluate your need for travel shots in NYC based on a number of factors. Have you had all the necessary routinely recommended travel vaccinations in NYC? What about boosters of vaccines you have already had in the past? These vaccinations are usually administered throughout childhood or adolescence and include: diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT) measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), varicella, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenza type b (Hib), and pneumococcal disease.

NYC Travel doctor recommends travel vaccinations before going abroad

Most people are vaccinated for common ailments and illnesses recommended by the CDC. The influenza vaccine, for example, is recommended routinely each year, whether you have traveling plans or not. Influenza strikes many New Yorkers, whereas yellow fever in New York…not so much. This is why many of the vaccines required for international travel are not commonplace vaccines that we receive in our lifetimes. It is best to see a specialized travel doctor in NYC to find out the recommended/required vaccination list for your destination and period you are traveling. International travelers should take into consideration that the influenza season is year-round in the tropics, December through April in Northern Hemisphere temperate zones, and April to October in Southern Hemisphere temperate zones. Herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine is recommended for adults over 60 years old. A New York travel clinic is usually busiest around the time that new influenza vaccines come out so it is best to make your preparations in advance as sometimes these vaccines are limited in production scale. There have been travel clinics in NY proper and even travel clinics in New York City who were unable to supply business and tourist travelers with the appropriate flu vaccination and other travel vaccines in NYC.

A travel doctor in NYC is usually swamped due to the very fecund immigrant population of our city. People are always coming and going to visit relatives and family members. As such travel clinics in NYC can be difficult to get into quickly and your visit is usually rushed. A visit to New York travel clinic for travel immunization is very much a slower-paced and appropriate health and wellness visit, rather than the in and out assembly line you find at another travel clinic in NYC.

Lower Blood PressureDr. Gafanovich will use your time with her as an opportunity for her to review your history of protection against these diseases, while checking if you’ve received immunizations appropriate to age and to review the status of your previous immunizations. Dr Gafanovich will first bring you up-to-date on your routine vaccinations before continuing to schedule your required travel immunization.

Next she will assess your need for additional travel immunization based on other special issues as age, (since children and the elderly have additional requirements) and state of health while traveling, (ie. pregnancy, immune-compromised). Any travel clinic NYC should ensure that those with compromised immune systems and pregnancies are well-aware of their vaccination choices.

Travel Vaccines NYC: A necessity for visiting developing countries

Vaccines, in general, are a hot topic in the US when it comes to children. Their vaccination schedule is created to build instant immunity. For example the first dose of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is recommended to be given at 12–15 months, however infants aged 6–12 months traveling to developing countries, should be vaccinated with the monovalent measles vaccine or, if unavailable, MMR vaccine. Although measles is a vaccine-preventable childhood diseases, it’s the leading cause of vaccine-preventable death among children worldwide. Outbreaks occur in both developed and developing countries. . It should be noted this will provide immediate protection for several months but not a long-lasting immune response. Unlike these common vaccines, yellow fever and other travel vaccinations in NYC are still safe. True, travel vaccines in NYC are not on a child’s suggested schedule, but can still be delivered safely. Speak to your doctor about any health concerns that you may have.

Specific travel immunizations NYC

Finally your Dr Gafanovich will recommend for you the specific New York travel immunizations needed (i.e., for routine travel, required by country or geographically indicated as well as immunizations for extended stay).

Examples of travel immunizations which are geographically indicated:

Typhoid vaccine is recommended for all travelers to East Africa, since exposure can occur through food or water.

Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for all travelers to areas endemic to yellow fever risk, central South America and sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore the yellow fever vaccine is required for entering and traveling to these areas.

Dr. Gafanovich does not carry Yellow Fever vaccine, but will be happy to refer you to a spcialized center.

Meningococcal (meningitis)  vaccine is recommended for all travelers that plan to visit countries with meningococcal disease epidemics. The main meningitis-prone areas are in equatorial Africa during the dry season of December through June or during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended if you plan on visiting rural farming areas, throughout most of Asia and parts of the western Pacific.

Dr. Gafanovich does not carry Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, but will be happy to refer you to a spcialized center.

Plan your travel immunization in advance

It is recommended to plan your visit to New York travel clinic for New York travel immunization 6 months before your departure, to ensure you receive all the required vaccinations. The reason for this is some vaccinations require a number of doses given a few months apart, (ie. hepatitis A and B).

That said, all the commonly used vaccines are safe and effective when given simultaneously (on the same day) at separate sites on the body without weakening the antibody responses or increasing rates of side effects from the vaccines themselves.

However, injected live-virus vaccines (such as measles, mumps and rubella [MMR], varicella , or live attenuated influenza vaccine) given on different days should be a month apart.

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